Why are we so downneck fashion, but not to wear?


Winter formal, fashionable and temperature both downneck become hot single product, it is time for vindication, don't use no neck, face to the definition of high collar, cover the meat, strong field, warm, all-match...... is its true words, you know, not a turtleneck winter is not complete the.
Wear turtleneck sweater no neck and face? That's because you're not wearing it.
Downneck indeed there are many collocation traps, seeing so many street shooting star, managed to buy their favorite turtleneck sweater, wear is a kind of sellers and buyers show show sense of difference, is not anxious to Poguanposhuai the whole face was buried in a turtleneck?
With the skin to create a slender white neckline
Although downneck warm, but a large area of the neck of the cover is for your neck doesn't look, clothing products upgrade, the neck is the "line". In fact, like local skin to the overall shape of weight loss, only slightly in the neck of the "blank" can make your neckline.

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